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Hand Car Wash & Detailing | Hours

Wax Works Auto Detailing located at 12127 Murphy Rd near Sugar Land, TX business hours from 7am to 3pm Mon-Thur and 9am to 5pm Friday and Saturday. Our services include complete auto detailing, overspray removal, odor elimitator, hand car wash, hand wax, high speed buffing, window tinting, leather conditioner, stain protection, shampooing, headlight restoration cleaning and restoration, engine washing, paint sealing, pressure washing and much more……..

Call us today! (281) 495 – 8946 or visit us at Sugar Land Auto Detailing

Overspray Auto Detailing | Sugar Land TX

Overspray Removal


Overspray is any form of paint, varnish, stain or other non-water soluble airborne particulate material onto an unintended location on your vehicle. Most commonly encountered when vehicles are parked next to body shops, driving by construction site or commercial paint jobs drifting onto unintended objects.

Here, at Wax Works Auto Detailing our trained professionals utilize many tools and methods to clean oversprayed cars such as solvents, razor blades, rubbing compounds , and specialty clay bar. There are an estimated 200,000 oversprayed cars per year , in the United States, so don’t be alarm is your vehicle has overspray. Just give us a call today! (281) 495 – 8946.