Established in 1981.

We offer honest, professional vehicle cleaning and detailing. No hype, No outrageous claims. Just quality work at a fair price, Since 1981. This business was originally a brand new 4-bay coin operated car wash, built in the early 1970’s.  Auto detailing was added in the late 70’s to augment the car wash business.  Before long, detailing comprised the majority of the business and in 1981 Wax Works was born.  By the mid-eighties, the coin operated car wash area was remodeled to accommodate the space needed for our growing detail business.  Before long, we had numerous wholesale accounts.  As more individuals began taking better care of their cars, the focus shifted away from high volume wholesale accounts to the growing retail market. Through our partnership with Sun Shield Window Tint we began to offer window tinting, paint protection film, LED lighting, and Vinyl Car Wraps